Flexibility Means Savings on Install and Future Use

Hospitals, facility planners, architects and contractors can leverage the financial benefits of the In-Dapt OR Ceiling System versus traditional or traditional or Single Large Diffuser (SLD) OR ceiling systems.

Significant time and cost savings are a reality for new OR construction, and renovations.

For New Construction:

  • In-Dapt cuts MEP installation time – fast tracking projects – from 30+ days to 3-5 days, representing real savings in scheduling, completion time and materials needed – making this new system cost-neutral for new construction

For OR Renovations:

  • When In-Dapt is purchased for a renovation, the system “pays for itself” almost immediately by the savings realized in lost revenue due to OR downtime, as shown in this sample spreadsheet below:
Traditional In-Dapt
Construction Cost Quote $100,000 $4,000
Estimated Completion Time (Days) 30 0
Lost Revenue @ ~$40K per day $1,200,000 $0
Actual Cost of Renovation $1,300,000 $4000
  • In the future, when In-Dapt has been previously installed, renovation time is reduced from 30 days to hours, representing a significant cost savings.
  • Renovation costs with In-Dapt previously installed are an estimated 25 times lower than when using traditional or currently available SLD OR ceiling systems.

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