Control Costs and Achieve the Ultimate in OR Flexibility


Building or renovating a hospital OR that is truly adaptable and flexible takes intelligent design.

The new In-Dapt OR Ceiling System from Walters Healthcare Resources is exactly that, bringing hospitals an integrated, optimal solution for changing equipment requirements, today and in the future.

Its five integrated components future-proof operating rooms, allowing hospitals to avoid renovation costs and downtime for years to come. In-Dapt’s modular raceway and new or existing equipment mounts can be located within the ceiling system within hours vs. weeks to accommodate equipment or room set-up changes.

For architects, contractors and project managers, its Intelligent Adaptability results in dramatic MEP time and cost-savings, speeding and simplifying the install process – all while delivering sophisticated, future-proof functionality for hospitals.

In the long-term? Installing this Ceiling System today can result in hundreds of thousands in savings tomorrow.

Welcome the future with In-Dapt.

In-Dapt Makes a Positive Impact For Hospitals

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Reduces construction time
  • Flexibility, immediate and long-term use
  • Future-proof OR ceiling design

In-Dapt Makes a Positive Impact For Builders

  • Best available ceiling system for clients
  • System cost neutral for new construction
  • Crashes Critical Path – install ceiling and MEP in 1/4th typical time
  • Allows for delayed equipment decisions

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